On the 10th of September the pre-order offer of the new bronze watch 'Catalina' was released by MALM. This unique, limited timepiece is made as a tribute to Swedish military aviation and is crafted in the high quality bronze material CuSn8. It's designed is highly inspired by the amphibious aircraft Consolidated PBY Catalina, known in the Swedish Air Force as the TP47, and which was shot down by a Soviet MiG-15 on June 16, 1952 when it was out searching for the missing DC-3 aircraft over the Baltic Sea. 

The Catalina Aeronautical Chronograph 41 is limited to 200 pieces, measuring 41 mm in diameter and 14 mm in height. The watch case is crafted in the highest quality of bronze, CuSn8, which is characterized as a very pure alloy with extremely little content of impurities. The CuSn8 has excellent user characteristics and is usually used in contexts where high strength and durability are required. 

The Catalina watch is worn with a thick, vegetable-tanned leather strap with a stainless steel wing-shaped buckle. Hands and indices have been taken from real instruments in the cockpit and gives a nice, sharp contrast towards the matte, dark blue dial. The minute- and hour hand are made in a classic divers watch style to enhance the look and feeling of this watch suitability on both land and sea - just like the seaplane Catalina TP47.

Final delivery is scheduled for January 2020.