urmakarverktyg för att serva och laga klockorurmakarverktyg för att serva och laga klockor


At MALM your watch will be serviced and cared for in our own shop by WOSTEP-certified watchmakers. We can guarantee high quality craftmanship, original spare parts and long warranties.

When you purchase a watch by MALM, 5 years warranty is included. The warranty covers repairs and adjustments caused by construction error or production defects. If you have a warranty claim, contact us at info@malmwatches.com. Please include your order number.

If your MALM watch is no longer covered by warranty or needs repairing due to damage caused by the user and handling, contact us for further information and a cost proposal.

Our 5-year warranty covers construction errors and defects from manufacturing. The warranty does not cover:

- Scratches and marks caused by normal wear or ageing.

- Damages caused by improper care or use of the watch, accidents, or alterations.

- Damages caused by opening the watch a non-authorized person or watchmaker.  

All watches go through diagnostics and analysis to determine the cause the required service. If the cause does not fall within warranty you will be offered a free quotation for the required service.


Our automatic and Swiss movements are not powered by a battery, but have a rotor that rotates by the movements of the wearer's arm, or by a spring wound manually via a crown. The rotor in turn turns up a spring that supplies the movement with the power and energy needed for the clock to tick.

When you are not using your automatic mechanical watch, it continues to run until the power reserve runs out and then it stops. When you want to start using the watch again, you need to wind it up. If your watch has a screwed down crown, start with turning it counterclockwise until it disengages from its position and you can turn it clockwise without screwing it back in.
Then wind up the watch by turning the crown 30-40 turns. It provides enough power for the watch to be able to
function normally again. Then lightly push the crown in and screw it back into the case. For an automatic movement, regular service is very important for it to function correctly. The movement then needs to be taken apart, worn parts replaced and supplied with new oil before the movement is reassembled.

Most of our early collections of watches runs on Seiko movements which combines quartz technology and traditional mechanical engineering – a so-called hybrid mecaquartz movement. These movements are powered by a battery (quartz) while the chronograph use a mechanical construction with a sweeping second hand. The battery has a lifespan of 3 years. To make sure your watch never runs out of time we recommend service regularly where we replace the battery, pressure test your watch, do a water-resistance check, clean and polish your watch. 

Care for your watch

Like many other advanced watches and gauges there are many components that contribute to handle all the functions within a small space. It’s therefore important that you take care of your watch and do not expose it to unnecessary or abnormal stress. The daily use of any wristwatch may result in scratches and marks over time. This is considered a natural result of wear and tear. There are various recommendations as to whether these scratches and marks can be polished. We recommend that you always contact MALM or a watchmaker before trying this on your own.  

Dust and dirt on your case and bracelet can result in skin irritations and affect the steel. You can avoid this by cleaning your watch periodically with a toothbrush and liquid soap. Then rinse your watch under a gentle stream of water and dry it with an absorbent cloth. Your watch is made by stainless steel and water won’t harm the case and bracelet. 

If you wear your watch with MALM’s leather strap it is good to be familiar with the aspects that shorten the life of genuine leather products. Even though MALM’s leather are of the highest quality, like other leather products they will have varying length of life depending on how they are used and care for over time. Water, cosmetics and sweat, for example, shortens the life of your leather strap. 

Manual for the watch is included when you buy a watch from MALM. You can also read the manual and instructions digitally on this page .

Always turn to us if you have any questions regarding your MALM watch. Services should always be performed by MALM for warranty terms to apply. If you don’t know what service your watch needs or don’t know what’s wrong with your watch,you can always contact us for support