MALM initiates a cooperation with the 72nd fighter squadron in the Swedish armed forces. The Ghost watch has been named after its rightful owners - 72nd Fighter squadron with callsign 'Ghost'. This fighter squadron is located at F7, Såtenäs, west of Lidköping, and is also known as Gustav Blå.

The fighter squadron has roots that date back to the early 1940s when they were founded and equipped with the twin-engine bomber B16 Caproni Ca 313. Shortly afterwards, the division was equipped with the new SAAB B17, which with reinforced wings was adapted to be an effective light bomber. Subsequently, the division has developed into an attack division in the 1950s, where the A21R, A 29B Tunnan and A 32A Lansen jets were flown. During the 70s, they were the first squadron to fly Viggen and they were also the first to fly the Gripen. The name Ghost was given in 2010 and since 2016 it has been titled as a pure fighter division.

The Ghost watch is a custom built Dalton watch from MALM which, with a classic black dial and white hands houses the Gripen aircraft, the Ghost logotype and the air force's pilot wing M/36.

It's worn with the brown officer leather strap with integrated end links that creates a seamless transition to the watch case.